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Prayer is a foundational component of demonstrating concern and care for others even when opinions vary greatly about what the proper course of action should be. Praying for others helps us to take our eyes off our personal feelings and emotions regarding differences and allows us to trust God for discernment and wisdom to help us get through difficult problems without alienating others unnecessarily.
Heavenly Father, we need your divine help in giving us the ability to love others and respond appropriately to them even when they appear to be our ardent enemies. Please enable us to choose actions and solutions that bring peace to these difficult situations. We cannot possibly understand all the many elements involved in our disagreements and controversies, but you do understand them and can allow us to weather these storms and do what is best in your ways. We ask for your intervention and provision to handle these difficult situations in a manner that pleases you and causes even our enemies to know that we want what is best for them despite our differences. May you be honored in all we do. Amen
It can be hard to have an attitude of reconciliation when dealing with topics and decisions that seem to directly oppose the beliefs and truths of Scripture that we hold as divinely given by God. This doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye to sin and forget God’s guidance on how to live. But it does mean that we recognize that regardless of the beliefs and actions of those around us, God is still primarily concerned with their ultimate wellbeing. Every human being is of infinite value and this truth can help us to see through the cloud of differences to arrive at solutions and intercessions that fit the needs of the moment.
Our differences can make us a stronger nation if we can learn to be peaceable, considerate and good toward one another. Variety in life can be just as favorable as the variety found in nature. It truly is wonderful that God has created such variety even in the little things like flowers and grass. How much more so when we consider the innate value of humans. Praying to God and drawing near to God and each other will change the American landscape for everyone’s good.
True humility is perhaps one of the most difficult of things to grasp as we must learn to weigh ourselves against God rather than those around us in order to have any hope of achieving it. When we accurately measure ourselves against God then we can become more able to see just how little we are different from everyone else. How much better our relationships would be if we truly believed and practiced the art of not slandering other people. Instead, we should practice the ability to encourage one another and find ways to improve dialogue and actions between us and others.
Whatever our political alignments, let each of us wholeheartedly rally around our President and confidently affirm his role in God’s plan for our nation. Pray for him and ask God to give President Trump special wisdom and insight into the issues and changes that need to be made to turn our nation into a Great Nation under God. Blessings and miracles will begin to occur as we commit to a course of history that ensures we care for and are seeking after the solutions and choices that matter to our God.
God is able to do anything. His arm is never too short. His power is always enough to accomplish even the most difficult of problems. God wants us to pray. We honor him when we characterize our actions in faith and love and start with intentional prayer. Even the most hardened of hearts can be changed by the devoted prayers of those who care enough for them to pray diligently. This is true for individuals and it is also true for political parties and our nation. Jesus warned us that a “house divided cannot stand” and so it is with our national interests as well.
: I am glad the world looks to America for answers but I would rather the entire world know the truth about knowing God first, then perhaps it would be good for them to know we do a lot for them in the name of our God. America without God, is of little, if any value. But America under God, and trusting in the one true God, is great indeed. May we pray that all Americans, and ultimately all people on earth, learn to know the true God. May we be a praying nation of generous minded people who love their God and love their fellow man.
Michael Jackson had a hit song many years ago that included a reference to a need for change by starting with the “man in the mirror”. I strongly believe he was right in that message. To that end, I sincerely hope and pray deeply that Americans would embrace that sentiment in our relationship to God and each other. There are a lot of things we can do to embrace President Trump’s desire to Make America Great Again or even more recently his push to Keep America Great. But nothing would make America greater than being a nation centered on doing God’s will.
Scripture certainly declares that to be true! And doing God’s will starts by getting to know our God intimately so that we can listen and follow him. Of course, the best place to start that is through spending more time reading or listening to his revealed will as unveiled in the Bible. The great English pastor and writer, Charles Spurgeon, taught that most errors would have neither started or had a long life if people only read Scripture more. I couldn’t agree more. I like to think of reading the Bible as if I am sitting at the feet of Jesus and he is teaching me directly instead of having to learn it second-hand. I wish more Americans would sit at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ and learn from him this way. We could certainly improve our nation with more time spent with Jesus Christ.

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