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Stack of 'Praying for our President' books

Commanding Rich People to Be Generous

Dr Audie Lewis

If this doesn’t seem like the normal kind of announcement title you expect to see on a publisher’s website, you are probably right. That said, the authors of the newest presidential book, "Praying for our President" have a message for the American people with the means to help others, BE GENEROUS.

Dr. Audie Lewis, co-author of the book, explains this message this way, "We are pushing for prayer and revival across the land for President Trump and we know that some people cannot easily afford the book so we are asking others to be generous and buy it for others who need the message but can’t afford to get their own copy".

He gets his unusual message from the Holy Scriptures where the Apostle Paul admonishes his readers in 1 Timothy 6:18-19 to do just that in his generation. The authors intend to go and do likewise as well and are hoping their new book will encourage real revival in the land and a turning toward God by loving one another and being obedient to God’s call on our generation to be good followers of Christ. Their underlying message is trust God to deliver us through President Trump’s time in office. Be committed to God thru prayer.

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