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Stack of 'Praying for our President' books

New TRUMP Book Unlike Any Other Book Ever Published

Dr Audie Lewis

Noble Purposes Publishing is prepared to release a new book that is expected to be like no other book ever published in the history of books about sitting presidents. Praying for our President tackles every issue that has unfolded during President Trump’s remarkable journey from newly elected president to present day crisis in America.

The authors, Dr. Audie Lewis and his wife Bridget Lewis, call on every American to put aside partisan politics and embrace a radical turning back to God through prayer to help President Trump resolve every major issue facing this nation and the world.

The book strongly contends that every problem can be resolved with prayer and that the country can be reconciled to President Trump and God through active participation from a praying band of committed Americans who want to see change in our nation by putting God first.

The authors boldly tackle even the most divisive topics within their arsenal of 110 prayer vigils crafted into the context of praying for the 45th President of the United States.

The book presents a very positive and hopeful remedy for everything that troubles our country. They believe unprecedented intervention and miraculous help from God awaits us as more and more citizens embrace President Trump as God’s chosen leader for America and get behind him with serious prayer and a call toward unity and love.

Topics include the recent coronavirus and COVID19 pandemic, George Floyd’s death, rioting in major cities across America, the wall, liberal agendas, conservative mandates, gun control, mass shootings, 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights, abortion and pro-choice division, China, North Korea, legislative chaos, republican and democratic differences, lies, deceit and hidden agendas, racism, the economy, jobs, voting, media, election issues, and a wide variety of other similar problems we face.

Dr. Lewis and his wife have interwoven Scripture, special wisdom and quotes from former presidents, famous historical characters, our Founding Fathers, former slaves, military leaders, religious and civil rights icons, modern day participants and a host of other fascinating individuals including a wide-cast of surprising voices from every aspect of American and world history. The book is a fascinating change from expected books on prayer and following God.

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