Daring to Trust Our God

In the world of publishing, Noble Purposes Publishing is one of the smallest and least known of them all. But like King David, we intend to pick up our tiny slingshot and go fight against the giants in our land. Anyone, who dares to say our God is small or weak, we will gladly defy by relying on the awesome powers of a very GREAT God.

And for that reason, we believe that each book we choose will be considered and weighed not on the scales of normal business enterprise, but rather on the calloused knees of a few mighty prayer warriors who unswervingly BELIEVE that God can and will take our humble scraps of intention and grow them into GIANT SLAYING actions that serve a risen Lord.

We'd like to hear from you

Please pray with us and for us. We dearly covet the prayers of fellow Christian brothers and sisters in Christ who will help us to do God’s WILL in our generation. We’d love to hear from you too.

May God protect us and watch over our work. May God richly bless everyone who takes the time to pray for us and help us to be all that God intends for us.

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