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Stack of 'Praying for our President' books

Authors of New Book for 45th President Call for Revival

Dr Audie Lewis

"Our generation has strayed away from God" says Dr. Audie Lewis, co-author of the newest book about to be released by Noble Purposes Publishing. He likens our generation to a similar falling away of God’s people as recorded in the account of the Tribe of Judah and the Nation of Israel during the reign of King Josiah, one of the greatest kings to ever reign during the history of this specially chosen nation.

Dr. Lewis and his wife Bridget have just finished a three-year journey of writing "Praying for our President", a book that deliberately pushes praying and drawing near to God as the answer for all that ails this nation. They stress the truth that God chooses our leaders and that President Trump is definitely God’s chosen vessel for leading America out of these troubled times.

"God doesn’t make mistakes" states Bridget Lewis who emphatically believes that President Trump is trying very hard to do what he can to help our nation. "He needs our help through prayer, fasting and real revival in this land". This hard-charging professional business woman is dedicated to seeing God honored through the lives of Americans across this nation. She has also been very vocal about challenging other black women to get behind the president and make God proud.

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