Praying for our President Book

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Let us join hands and hearts in prayer to God


for our

Dr. Audie and Bridget Lewis


Jesus warned us that a kingdom or house divided cannot stand. We are precariously divided and America desperately needs a message of unity, love and reconciliation. Praying for our President is a book that will bring healing to our nation and draw us closer to one another, closer to our God, and closer to President Trump. As we draw near to God and one another, the great blessings of unity will flow into every corner of America and bring the change and revival we need.

God chose President Trump as our 45th President. Despite that fact, America hasn’t struggled this much to embrace a sitting president since the days of Abraham Lincoln. The authors strongly believe that President Trump will ultimately be just as beloved and fondly remembered as President Lincoln has been to our country.

In many ways, the issues surrounding slavery and individual state rights were just as divisive back then, as our differences are today between the liberal agenda and the average American who wants common sense change in Washington and in our local communities.

Prayer, unity and reconciliation are the keys to bringing about these miraculous changes. Dr. Audie Lewis and his wife Bridget have put together an incredible devotional book like no other ever written. Its message will challenge and inspire you to become the mighty prayer warriors God intended you to be and to overcome all fears.

With God’s help we can fight any problem and defeat any foe. That includes the coronavirus, horrific and senseless deaths like that of George Floyd, hidden political agendas, corruption, lies and deceit, and anyone or anything else that dares to ignore the power of prayer, the Lord Jesus Christ, and miraculous intervention.

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